Living Webpages sees your website as a living breathing product.  Updates, changes, edits and maintenance accomplished on demand.  Like to make changes when you want then changed or call your webpage developer to make the changes!

"Mike created a website for my company Paul's Clubhouse back in 2015.  I was very happy on the looks of the website and how easy it was to use.  What impress me more was how my customers responded to the website and information provided.  Living web-pages has maintained our website for the last 4 years and has done it professionally and at a reasonable cost."  Tim Otis  

Our Story

A friend needed a website. So I built him one.  Then others were calling wanting me to build a website for them.  Reaching a little over 50 websites and brought my son on board to help with the work load.  He started a branch of the business in Kentucky.  We manage to give responsive and personal attention.  Your business will love being able to reach me or my son and get changes/updates done quickly.


Michael Golwitzer


Experinced website designer.

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